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In each episode, dive into fun, thought-provoking, and engaging conversations on everyday mindfulness. With host and author Holly Duckworth, join over 70 guests sharing their perspective on living with mindfulness in all aspects of life – from meditation to spirituality to personal passions to success and failure to politics to relationships and much more. Plus, listen in as special guests – including critically-acclaimed authors – are featured each month. Subscribe to Everyday Mindfulness Show.
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Jul 5, 2019

In every heroic tale, the heroine is called to fulfill a compelling desire or seek a new adventure. Sometimes she is eager to accept the call. Other times, she refuses out of fear--but the call grows ever louder.

For modern-day women, the struggle for self-discovery and the courage to leap into the unknown is no different.

Mirroring the heroine's journey, this empowering guide outlines:

* the power of choice.
* models for personal development.
* strategies to combat critics (even yourself).
* tips for dealing with emotional roadblocks.
* methods to achieve self-acceptance.

You may not be Wonder Woman, but you are certainly a heroine. It's time to unleash the power within!

Jun 28, 2019

On this show strategy catalyst, Lowell Aplebaum brings his expertise as a facilitator and passion to the heart of building a powerful vision to associations.

In this show, he shares insights on:

Lean into who you really are and what you are great at. 

Heart of service

Dynamic conversations thru empathetic listening

A new look on strategic planning

The power of fun 

The power of caring fiercely 

His fun title would be digital age association renaissance man. Listen to this show and you will hear why. 

For more with Lowell visit:

Jun 21, 2019

On this episode, we talk about two places I believe mindfulness is needed desperately, and a woman that courageously is doing it.  Where is that?  In schools and in LGBTQ education and awareness.  Lisa Koenecke is an adjunct professor at Lakeland University in Wisconsin, speaker, author and blogger she shares how looking at her reflection in the windshield help keep her in the present moment. 

Listen to this episode to eat a raisin mindfully, know you are not alone wherever you are and walk away with a tool to help you bridge the anger, hurt and misunderstanding in schools and in life.

This show had me growing. I hope you grow too. 

For more on Lisa visit

Jun 7, 2019

Some people believe it's not possible to have a lifestyle business. I am here to tell you Patty Farmer is living it and helping others to do the same.  As a marketing, media and money strategist Patty Farmer is living a life that brings her joy. 

In this show, we explore productivity vs activity. Patty tells us about designing the life she wanted to live.  Always honest Patty tells it like it is about learning to love meditation and how simple acts keep her grounded at the moment.


Click here for a complimentary copy of her magazine referenced in the show:


For all of Patty's resources visit:


May 31, 2019

Have you ever wished you could work for a company this is more mindful?  Kevin Ruble has been a part of conscious capitalism building awake, aware and intentional companies for the past 30 years.  He is dedicated to making a positive difference in peoples lives.

As a kid, were you ever fascinated by trains, Kevin was and still is today.  Listen to this episode to re-kindle your childlike wonder on the workplace and the wonder of trains. 


For more on Kevin visit:

May 24, 2019

What if your thought of your life as a laboratory?  In this episode we speak with first-time author Sylvia Castillo as she launches her new book My Agreements With Me, based on the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.


Sylvia shares her thoughts on empowerment and the power of a decision.  

To read the full agreement visit:

To learn more about Sylvia's work visit: 


May 17, 2019

It is often a challenge to find the intersection of mindfulness and sales.  Liz Wendling has been a successful entrepreneur since 2001 when she declared she would be her own boss.  In this show she tells us a few things to stop doing and how to listen to your head that different than your heart to increase your sales rate success.

About Liz:

Liz Wendling combines a rock-solid sales background with a passion for coaching and the result is a powerful, new way to understand how to sell in today’s crowded marketplace. Her innovative approach will support you in opening doors, closing sales and building relationships.

Liz is a much sought after business consultant, sales expert and emotional intelligence coach. She is straightforward, practical, and sassy and helps professionals innovate, modernize and master their sales approach, language, and process. Because what worked reasonably well a decade ago is now miserably outdated and inadequate.

If you’re looking for inspiration that leads to action, this is where to find it. Liz is known for her energetic programs, presentations and business building superpowers that transform professionals into wildly successful sales rock stars!

Liz customizes training and workshops specifically tailored and designed for your unique business.

For more on Liz's work:


May 10, 2019

Are you doing what you love, yet worried about money?
Do you feel torn between following your heart and making a living?
Like many of us, Jennifer was spiritual and broke, until she had a shocking “Aha!” moment in the back of a police car. Her tragedy was a cataclysmic lesson that completely changed her perspective on the law of attraction.

Spiritual and Broke is a practical guide for entrepreneurs, writers, artists, healers, and anyone who wants to follow their heart, without feeling like a martyr for the cause.

About Jennifer:

Jennifer Noel Taylor is an energy healing practitioner, self-help motivator, and the CEO of Quantum-Touch, Inc. She has dedicated her life work to helping people discover the healing power of their love.

Jennifer graduated from Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo, CA) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and a Minor in Philosophy. After graduation, she started her first job as a Software Engineer at a big company in San Diego. Like so many people, she felt incredibly trapped and depressed at a job that paid the bills but didn’t align with her true passion in life. She innately knew that she had a purpose and felt keenly aware that she was not 
following her true calling in life.


For more on her work visit:

May 3, 2019

Leadership is often the art of learning how to get out of your own way.  Chris Westfall helps leaders to become the best versions of themselves.  In this episode Holly & Chris explore curiosity, authenticity and how to stand for something in this transformational world.  


About Chris: 

NEW INSIGHTS. Creating multi-million dollar results for businesses around the globe. Re-inventing brands. Inspiring executive leaders. Energizing sales teams. And coaching clients onto Shark TankDragon’s Den and  Shark Tank – Australia. Chris is a keynote speaker and business coach who knows how to help you win.

Apr 5, 2019

There have been a lot of conversations about mindfulness, and the ways in which it’s growing in Western society. Knowing that there is no singular culture in that very big environment, mindfulness is arising in many ways. Some of them are, I think, missing a core aspect of mindfulness in that they are like an exchange: if you “do” mindful meditation, you will “get” some results. And though there may be outcomes from practice, certainly there are for many of us who live mindfully as best we can, making it transactional can also make it somewhat… mercenary. Mindfulness as I teach and practice it has wider implications and is in service of changes beyond what happens on the cushion.

Liz Rutledge is deeply passionate about the environment and has been doing mindfulness in one form or another since she was 10 years old. She teaches Mindfulness at schools in the Denver area and is in the process of getting her Mindful Schools certification. Liz teaches people how to compost, garden, recycle and other sustainability activities. She is a blogger and has written the blog on since 2014. In addition, Liz is a freelance writer and dabbles in novels, editorials, and other blogs.

Mar 29, 2019

Nancy Addison is chief nutritionist, cookbook author and health counselor her work includes more than six cookbooks coaching families on healthy eating and expanding how you take control of the food you eat.

Live from Costa Rica Nancy share in depth ways to use food to cure the effects of cancer, diabetes, and many auto-immune disorders.  She calls our true test the ability to reach peace of mind.  Listen to learn a few tricks on how taking care of your health will improve every area of your life.


For the special pricing on her course mentioned on this podcast visit:; 214-202-9243 .
Nutrition & Health Counseling & Healthy Cooking Lessons; Organic Life Specialist & Spokeswoman For Health, Wellness & Environment; Member of National Speakers Association and Global Speakers Federation
#1 Best Selling Author of Diabetes And Your Diet (Two-Time Winner for "Best Diet and Nutrition" Book of the Year, and "Best Health Book" of the Year, 2018, by the Beverly Hills Book Awards!, and Winner, "Best Health Book of the Year, 2017" of the International Book Awards), Raising Healthy Children (Mom's Choice Award Winner For Excellence and Two-Time Winner of the International Book Awards), How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian  (second edition, Winner for "Best Specialty Cookbook of the Year," 2017, Book Excellence Awards and Two-Time Winner for "Best Diet and Nutrition Book" and "Best Health Book" of the Year, 2017, by the Beverly Hills Book Awards!), Lose Weight, Get Healthy & Never Be On A Diet Again! (Finalist in the International Book Awards), Feeding Tube Recipe For Optimum Health, and Co-Author of Alive & Cooking; An Easy Guide To Health For You And Your Parents
Mar 22, 2019

On this episode of the Everyday Mindfulness Show Holly brings our producer Rick Pontalion out from behind the soundboard to talk about how he has grown in mindful awareness over the past year.  Rick shares fun ways to be mindful in everyday places like the grocery store.  Listen in for ways mindfulness can be an adventure in trying new things and flow.


About Rick:

Rick has been a part of the music industry since the 1980’s. He is a talented multi-instrumentalist, primarily keyboard or piano, a published singer/songwriter, and an accomplished producer. As owner/operator of Lion’s Bridge Recording, Rick has had the privilege of working with some of Colorado’s up and coming artists in recorded music and film.

Rick takes great pride in continuing a musical legacy dating to the late 1800’s. With an ear for form and function, attitude of professionalism and understanding, an eye for detail and content, a heart of compassion and sincerity, and the dedication and commitment to the arts, he is a conduit, facilitator and champion of creative pursuits.


For more on Lionsbridge Recording:

Learn about the band at:

Mar 15, 2019

Food today is more than simply a meal it is truly a source of energy.  For some food can be a challenge Tracy has spent the last 10 years educating people that we must be safer and more inclusive in the meals we provide.  Food, in fact, is both an ADA and a diversity and inclusion concern for meetings and workplaces.  Food can also be something to consider as you plan meals for guests in your home.  In this episode, Holly has a conversation with Tracy Suckrath, president of Thrive Meetings & Events.  


On this episode, you will be surprised to learn the three things we all can do to make the topic of food less taboo and more of an opportunity to connect.


Tracy's story:

A certified event planner with food allergies is helping change the hospitality industry—and the health of our nation—one event at a time.

Around age 30, I began experiencing lethargy, severe mood swings, depression, and sinus and breathing problems—symptoms that impacted my quality of life. After four years of visiting doctors who could find nothing wrong with me, I finally found an ENT who located the source of my illness: a food allergy to yeast.

I went on a yeast-free diet (yeast, sugar, vinegar, diary, white flour, peanuts, mushrooms), lost 25 pounds and felt better than I had in years. But I soon found that managing my diet was nearly impossible when traveling for the events I planned. A typical day at a meeting or event usually included three extravagant meals, but most of the time, I couldn’t eat anything that was being served. I didn’t realize right away that I could make off-the-menu requests, but when I did, I discovered that sometimes, I got meals that were far superior—in health and flavor—to what everyone else was getting; other times, I got a plate of hard-boiled eggs and bland chicken.

I began to see that very few planning and F&B professionals knew how to address the needs of people with dietary restrictions, whether it is a personal choice, a medical condition or a food allergy. That’s why, in January 2009, I decided to do something about it—not only for myself, but for my profession.  I entered the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to learn more about my allergy and how to eat—and feel—better with food.

Soon afterward, I decided to build upon my 20 years of event planning experience and shift my practice to F&B consulting and speaking for the hospitality industry.


For more on her meeting planning, consulting and work visit:

Mar 8, 2019

As a college in mindful living Jeanette Bronee and host Holly Duckworth sit down and explore the power of being mindful at work.  Most people spend most of their life at work what are simple practices we all can do to be more kind, human and productive at work.


About Jeanette:

performance, leadership and culture from the inside out. She believes our most important resource is our humanity and she teaches leaders how to make health and wellbeing the foundation for sustainable personal and professional success by using self-care AT work to transform company culture and the way we work. 

After both her parents died of cancer just one year apart and a doctor told her it was only a matter of when she would get cancer, too, she quit her high stress job as a fashion executive and founded Path for Life® in 2004 with the goal creating awareness and giving people the tools to achieve better work/life quality. For the past 15 years, she has coached leaders to take better care of themselves, so they can be both healthy and busy without stress and burn-out.  As a result, her clients learn to be better leaders and live more nourished lives by implementing leadership self-care AT work and build a Culture of Care™ where everyone works better.

Born in Denmark, she holds a master's degree in business development and marketing and has been leading teams to grow engagement and harness innovation. In the retail industry she has developed and facilitated training programs to align culture strategy with brand story and her deep passion is to access what truly makes us happy and healthy. She is also a certified Integrative Nutrition and Meta-Medicine health coach, a felt sense Focusing trainer, Mindfulness Teacher and Ericksonian Hypno-Therapist. (Don’t worry she doesn’t do tricks.)

She is the author of “EAT TO FEEL FULL and Nourish Yourself for Good” which encourages people to forget the word “diet” and instead focus on using food and self-care habits as a tool to gain daily and long-term optimal wellbeing, performance and health.

When she is not traveling to speak, consult, coach or teach workshops, she lives in New York City and the Catskills, where she grows veggies, makes dinner with friends, does yoga in the woods, hikes and writes while also continuing to explore how to best create a healthy change in company cultures around the world, so that everyone can thrive.


For more on Jeanette visit:

Mar 1, 2019

Your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual selves and how they all come together as your human experience.  Many of us have become fragmented souls that have lost connection to our bodies.  In this episode, Holly talks to Sharon Shores, emotion code and body code expert.  Listen for deep questions that may expand intentionally the way you look at your self and your life.  On the show, you will gain a few questions I bet you have never asked yourself plus pick up a few new resources for your self-care library. 

About Sharon Shores:

Sharon is a Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, Transformation Life Coach and Medical Intuitive.  Sharon’s main work is with her Emotion Code and Body Code practice!  Clients report amazing results!  Through her Emotion Code/Body Code  Practice, she helps her clients identify blocks that prevent them from reaching their goals and with a simple technique helps her clients release those blocks.

Through her Transformational Life Coaching Program Sharon helps her clients design a life they love living!  She helps her clients achieve extraordinary results in accelerated time.  Sharon works with clients to help them close the gap between the life they were living and the life they LOVE living.

For those who desire healing/mental/physical or emotional Sharon provides those clients with a spiritual guidance and support session or a medical intuitive healing session.

Sharon is also an inspiring speaker, passionate educator, and a highly sought after transformational coach.


For more on Sharon's work visit:


Feb 22, 2019

Being a global citizen and leaders has always been a part of life for Corinne Hancock.  With this comes dealing with chaos in parts of the world many of us will never go.  As a cultural anthropologist, Corinne shares her stories of finding answers and calm in moments of unknown.

As a keynote speaker, Corinne works with leaders to use chaos to your advantage.

Don't miss this podcast where she tells the story of a young warrior she met and how even at a young age he changed her life, and her families life forever. 

Follow her work at

Feb 15, 2019

Do You Struggle With Chronic Health Issues?


Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed and just out of balance? When your mind is racing and you just can’t calm down, it’s difficult to function.

If your digestion is off, it can really put a dark cloud in your life. 

We help you discover what is imbalanced, and what changes you need to make in order to heal these issues.

We use Advanced Biofeedback Technology and Whole Food Supplements/Herbs in our practice to help your body reduce stressors so that it can harmonize itself back to health.

While we specialize in Anxiety, High Stress and Digestion, we have had great success with many other chronic health challenges such as Allergies, Chronic Pain and Autoimmune issues.

About John Ayo:

John Ayo is a Traditional Naturopath, Professional Speaker, Author and Certified Biofeedback Specialist (CBS) and has been researching mind/body/spirit topics since 1976. He worked in sales for IBM for 27 years, where the stress of “Corporate America” caused him to examine his priorities in life. He began having health issues around 1999 that could not be addressed by the traditional medical model of “fixing symptoms”. This led him on an amazing journey back to health…and to his true passion.


For more info visit:

Feb 8, 2019

iX Leadership

50% of our people are disengaged, and every leader around the world should be looking for the next leadership approach to fix the problem. It's here, in iX Leadership. iX Leadership is the critical next leadership style that is both inspirational and practical - allowing you to get things done, achieve measurable new success, adapt easily to new innovation and change, while taking care of your people. Through a healthy dose of psychology, philosophy, leadership strategy, and personal anecdote, we’ll show iX Leaders how to implement change, create a culture of innovation, and inspire powerful teams to produce. At the end of the day, leadership comes down to creating culture & guiding transformation – and this book holds the recipe to ensure you and your company excel at both.  Get your iX Leadership: Create high-five cultures and guide transformation today!

For more on iX Leadership:

About Dr. Rachel Headley

Rachel is an expert in transitions. She advises, guides, and speaks on how to use the tension around change to unleash your key staff, increase engagement, and improve overall organizational performance. Dynamic and charismatic leadership can have powerful results, but only when paired with excellence in communication and value of team.

Rachel brings a methodical and razor-sharp intellect to solve problems that suit her client organization, its ideal culture, and business goals. She enjoys a good challenge and has over two decades of experience leading complex and ground-breaking achievements, managing big projects, uniting diverse stakeholders, and guiding teams through change.

She is a powerful advocate of community: in her own team, among her neighbors, and her network of clients, colleagues, and friends.

She has led and managed teams for over 20 years. Rachel is a Mensa PhD scientist, a certified Project Management Professional, a global citizen, a choral singer, and an art patroness.


For more on her visit:

Jan 25, 2019

Can events be mindful?

Christy Lamagna's expertise lies in turning events into powerful sales tools that drive business value. In this book, she clearly and definitively demonstrates how companies seeking a competitive edge can follow the "Discovery Process" and embrace strategic event planning. Dramatically transform your meetings to deliver quantifiable ROI and influence what your target audiences feel, think, say and do.

Christy has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company and Entrepreneur and is a sought-after speaker, facilitator, and coach across multiple industries. Her war stories are sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, but the lessons she draws from them are transformative.

This show, and Christy's book is a must for event professionals, CMOs, sales or procurement executives--for anyone with bottom-line accountability. You'll gain the valuable insight you need to create a powerful paradigm shift within your organization.


About Christy Lamagna

Jan 15, 2019

TRIP =Tenacity, Resilience, Imagination, Purpose

We all want happiness and accomplishment in our lives, but that’s only part of the equation; Keith has found that Tenacity, Resilience, Imagination, and Purpose (TRIP) build confidence, creativity and innovation. As a Tenacity Expert, Keith teaches these techniques through his keynote speeches and workshops.

Keith Renninson is a native of Colorado, and after a tour of duty in Viet Nam, he returned home and spent 30 years as a financial planner and insurance agent. In 1995, he self-published his first book, “The Pain & Joy of Love: A Collection of Poetry, Black and White Photography and Short Stories.

Some choices are questionable!

Keith is the co-author of “Zooch the Pooch, My Best Friend” an illustrated book that teaches children and their parents the process of grief and to learn how life moves on after a loss.

Keith shares the spotlight with Mark Victor Hansen, Byron Katie and Les Blanchard among others in the exciting new book “101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life”.

In his leisure time is a member of the Colorado Bicycle Racing Association for Senior’s & participates in bicycle races around Colorado, loves to downhill ski, and climbs the Fourteener’s of Colorado’s Rockies.

Being an entrepreneur for over 40 years, an author and speaker have taught Keith valuable lessons.  He wants to share the adventures of his life so that others can find the adventure in theirs.


For more on Keith:

Keith Renninson

Author of  "Tenacity, You Don't Have to Get Lost in Nepal to Find Yourself, But it Helps!" a 2018 NIEA Finalist Award Winner
Speaking topics: Tenacity, Resilience, Imagination, Purpose for Leadership/Teams/Innovation
“Keith’s speech on his “TRIP” system was both very inspiring and engaging. The life experiences he shared to justify his viewpoint were highly relevant and interesting stories in their own right."
"Keith's combination of excitement, humor, and intensity resulted in a very useful message delivered in a very enjoyable presentation."
"Everything You Want is Just Outside Your Comfort Zone!"
Dec 11, 2018

Business Culture Consultants provides executive coaching, management consultation, and facilitation services in client organizations, and two annual transformational workshops.  The company was founded in August of 2000 by yours truly, Flip Brown, based on my assessment that owners, leaders, and managers would benefit from a personalized approach to “getting out of their own way.” I choose to keep BCC as a solo practice, and while this limits the number or size of projects I can take on, I am able to provide a singular focus to a select group of clients at any given time.  I am based in the wonderful city of Burlington, Vermont, however I do travel across North America, as the work requires.  I’m grateful that my business continues to expand by virtue of referrals, word-of-mouth, and repeat business.


Flip Brown

Burlington, Vermont
Connect: 802.658.4111 Web LinkedIn 
Memberships: B Corp ASBC SVN VBSR 1%
Check out my latest LinkedIn posting - “Business Culture - The Secret Sauce”
Nov 2, 2018

Forbes magazine consistently names meeting planning among the top most stressful jobs.  With more than 20 years in the industry, Elizabeth Glau shares her personal mindfulness journey and asks Holly a few questions on how to refine her practice.  

On the show she shares what she does to make meetings as an attendee more mindful.  

Are you attending a meeting?  Don't miss this show for 2 simple tips to be more mindful before, during and after the event.



About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth guides experiences that create strong and immediate connections. She applies her keen emotional intelligence to everything she does. Elizabeth is attuned to the 5 senses and designs events that integrate participants’ whole selves in the process. She constantly envisions ways to improve and upgrade any project she is a part of. Elizabeth inspires people to become involved advocates and helps organizations build a voice for their content that connects to their audience. 

Elizabeth brings 16 years of experience in the events industry to help planners understand the latest technology: EventBots (AI chatbots for events). Elizabeth has contributed as an author of the CMP Manual, chair of MPI SCC's EdCon (+ a variety of other volunteer positions), teacher at SDSU, and speaker at industry events. She was recently awarded the 40 Under 40 by Connect Association and serves on the Board of Directors for Spigot Labs, another event technology company. 

Her Gallup Strengths are: Activator, Ideation, Relator, Command, and Self-Assurance. Her Fascination Advantage Archetype is: The Talent.



For more on Elizabeth visit:

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